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Growing old

What is growing old??

I always wondered, what is growing old,

But with passing time I understood I am growing old,

From living like a free bird to getting tied up with routine I am growing old,

From all carefree decisions in life to being thoughtful for even tiny things I am growing old,

From all those excited birthdays to believing it’s just one more normal day I am growing old,

From being always concerned about my dressing, looks to the feeling how does it matter I am growing old,

From meeting friends each day with some or the other reason to the feeling of being tired and avoiding plan I am growing old,

From waiting for all the surprise from the loved to the time accepting we are grown for such things, I am growing old,

From having all beautiful dreams and fantasies to know the realities are different, I am growing old,

From spending all time having fun with best of gang, to rushing day in day out with responsibilities, I am growing old,

From thinking parents doesn’t understand anything, they are outdated to the stage where parents are valued the most, I am growing old,

Everyday with growing age, feeling I don’t enjoy is to feel I am growing old,

I want to live more, be young more and don’t want to grow old.

Son special

Time has changed and so the thoughts of society. Now we daughters are valued more than before. Gone are the days for urban society at least where people use to daughters as burden. Now the daughters are considered blessing, strength of the family. I am also a proud daughter of my family. We are being educated, allowed to make choices of our life. We are born in privileged time. A very good change for developing better society.

But we have always learned to value something by devaluing the other thing. We always compare and say this is better than that. Why things can’t be best of it’s own kind? Why are we always involved in comparison and competition? We say it every now and he does this better than you, he or she scores better you, etc.

Same thing has happened these days in society, in valuing daughters we have started devaluing sons, why? It is good we have brought equality for daughters, they are given their rights, but that doesn’t make son any less.

Very easily we pass a statement ” in today’s time daughters are only blessing, they take care even in future, Sons don’t care much, they change easily etc” Really??? How can we say such things? I have brothers in my family and I trust them blindly for being pillars in my family. Though we daughters in family are independent they still make us feel protected and that’s the essence.

Let’s not degrade son to grade daughters, son or daughter they are equal as a person as character is all you nurture with right upbringing. It’s not about son doesn’t take care or daughter are better in this time, it’s about giving them best environment, best family values, love and freedom

Please let us not pass statement against son very easily without using our heart and brain as they deserve equal love.

Positive Mother

We, mothers always take care of physical health of child. We feed them with best food, we take all the efforts just to make them eat well. Do we take care of their mental health so seriously? Isnt it more important?

Feeding their mental health right will help them forever. It’s very important that we feed our child with positivity, happiness, love, affection, right attitude, gratefulness, empathy, care, share, appreciation, encouragement.

Never say negative things to child, it’s our responsibility to make them believe they are the best of creation, they have all the potential to do wonders in the world. They see world with our eyes and that’s how they start having perception, please be cautious on what you give them to believe.

Make them feel loved and blessed. Teach them to be grateful and joyful.

Last thing:

If you want to be part of your child future, be a part of their past.